VENI Energy Group’s donation to LELEKA Foundation in Ukraine (December 2022)

In November 2022, VENI Energy Group donated NOK 1 321 651 (125,000 USD) to the LELEKA Foundation in Ukraine.

With our donation, LELEKA assembled 85 fully stocked professional medical backpacks and purchased additional medical devices for medics on the frontlines.

Most of the purchases were made from reputable suppliers in USA and EU and delivered to LELEKA’s warehouse in Ukraine, where the medical backpacks are assembled.

The backpacks were distributed to medics in a number of military units, hospitals, and state agencies across the country. 48 kits were distributed among 6 military units in Donetsk, 18 kits to units in Kherson and 10 to units in Kharkov. Based on the feedback LELEKA has gotten from medics, each backpack usually provides first aid to at least 15 people. Our donation will save many lives.

LELEKA Foundation is a volunteer-based organization, and they do not charge any overheads to cover personnel or administrative costs. All funds from their donors pay for medicine and the financial charges and transportation required.

On behalf of Ukraine, its people, and its defenders, the leadership of LELEKA extend their gratitude to VENI Energy Group.


VENI Energia acquires Greene Finland (August 2021)

Greene Finland and VENI Energy Group have agreed on a transaction in which the entire share capital of Greene Finland Oy will be transferred to VENI Energia Oy.

With this acquisition, VENI Energy Group will further strengthen its position as the leading supplier of electricity procurement services for companies and the public sector in the Nordic countries.

Following the transaction, VENI Energy Group will provide electricity procurement services to 35,000 customers and procure 8.5 TWh of electricity annually for Nordic companies and the public sector.

We will continue to have a strong will to grow and develop our operations towards our customers and partners.

For additional information please contact VENI Energia Oy:
Ilkka Salonen, +358 (0)40 720 9901 and Arto Peltola, +358 (0)400 280 809 

Changes in the Group structure 2019

In November 2017 Eneas acquired Enegia Market Services OY in Finland, as well as Enegia Sweden AB. Enegia Market Services is a leading independent energy intermediary for SMEs.

In January 2018 Enegia Market Services’ new name became VENI Energia, as part of the name change of the group to VENI Energy Group during the 2019. 

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Sikrer energi til din bedrift